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Max Hauri AG

Distribution of components, devices and systems for electrical installation, automation and industrial electronics

Development, production and distribution of switchgear, electric devices, protection caps, mobile assembly, measuring and weighing technology

Manufacturing and distribution of electrical low voltage products

Development, manufacturing and distribution of electrical components


“A systematic systems approach”

“Engineering from the prototype to mass production”

“Problem solving through manufacturing expertise”

“The whole world of electrical components”

  • Installation devices and systems
  • Emergency power and emergency lighting systems with service level agreements
  • Measuring, monitoring and safety engineering
  • Connecting and cable technology
  • Cam switches
  • Manufacturing of switchgear, current distributors
  • Equipment and component manufacturing
  • Customer-specific load sensor technology, angular measurement
  • Stationary and mobile weighing technology
  • Assembly and handling systems for automation
  • Torque and power measuring devices, test stands
  • Accredited calibrating laboratory for moment of force and torque
  • Guide tracks and protection caps
  • Repair service and preventive maintenance
  • Customer-specific cable cutting
  • Manufacturing of plastic parts
  • Stamping machines for metal parts
  • Logistical services
  • Distribution platform for Europe
  • Electrical components and systems for industry
  • International plug and socket connectors
  • Components for lighting engineering
  • Components for electrical installation
  • Packaging design
  • Logistical services
  • Merchandising

AWAG Elektrotechnik AG

Sandbüelstrasse 2

CH-8604 Volketswil

Tel +41 44 908 19 19

DISA AG Sarnen

Kägiswilerstrasse 33

CH-6060 Sarnen

Tel +41 41 666 70 50

INSTA Electric SA

B-dul Bucuresti 16A

RO-620144 Focsani

Tel +40 237 215 300

Max Hauri AG

Weidstrasse 16

CH-9220 Bischofszell

Tel +41 71 424 25 25

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